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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Science and what advantages or benefits it offers?

Data Science is a cross-disciplinary domain that utilizes a range of methods and algorithms to derive insights and wisdom from data. It integrates components from computer science, statistics, and domain-specific knowledge to support data-informed decision-making

What educational options are available in the field of Data Science at your institution?

We provide a variety of educational offerings, which encompass full-time and part-time data science boot camps, along with online courses. These programs delve into subjects such as machine learning, data visualization, and data ethics.

What is the Duration of the Program?

Our full-time program take 7 months.

How is the academic program structured?

Our curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, including data pre-processing, statistical analysis, machine learning, generative AI and data visualization. Additionally, it incorporates practical projects to help you apply your knowledge effectively.

What is the typical student-to-teacher ratio in your classes?

Our Student Mentor ratio is 25:1

Are there any options for financial support or scholarships?

We do provide scholarships and financial assistance to qualifying students.

Does this program ensure employment or is it more of a job support initiative?

Indeed, we offer a job assurance program with certain basic requirements, including regular attendance, successful project completion, and the submission of assignments.

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